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Targeted email marketing

Where do you get your email list ?

We collect all email list from business, personal and they are all safe email list GUARANTEED. Our solo ads email list has been bolt from a variety of good sources, solo ads, swaps, giveaways, PPC, big corporate, small business, personal lists and so on.

How effective is your solo ads ?

Very effective !  Considering you are wasting time and money in other email list or solo ads.  You don’t need to look further.  Our solo ads can help to boost to sell your products and increase your traffic.

Do you guaranteed clicks from your solo ads ?

We guaranteed the number of clicks from your order.  Most of the time, we will even over deliver it to make sure our solo ads will reach your guaranteed clicks.  However, we do not guaranteed of your sales.  Your sales will depends on number of factors for example the nature of your products or services and your conversion pages.

Do you guaranteed that my products will sell from your solo ads ?

No, as I mentioned before that your sale will depends on the nature of your products and services plus your websites and your conversion pages.  We will only guaranteed the number of clicks we delivered.

Do you have any restriction of the products that use your solo ads ?

Generally NO.  However, we reserved our right to reject any order that deems to be illegal or unacceptable by law or ethnic.  I will refund your order if your products or services do not satisfy me.  If you are not sure, please email us first.

How come your price is more expensive than others ?

We spent a lot of time to collect our email list and make sure our email lists are updated.  We updated our email list everyday and collect our email lists from every corner of the world.  Don’t trust the cheap service, there is no free lunch.  After you try our service, you know the difference.

Do you offer any refund if your solo ads do not sell my products ?

Based on the nature of our services, we do not offer any refund.  However, we usually will over delivered your solo ads and if you feel that there is any problem, please email us first.  Our solo ads has been helping hundreds of big corporation and small business to increase their conversion, traffic and revenue making.

How long it have to take to send out all the solo ads in my package ?

It will depend how many orders we had.  We will usually sent out your order about 72 hours (3 days) but sometime it might take longer time due to heavy order.  We need to maintain our quality so we limit the number of solo ads sent out every day.

Is your solo ads will improve my traffic and ranking in Google or Yahoo ?

Our solo ads will definitely improve your traffic, however, ranking in Google or Yahoo depends a lot of factors like landing page, conversion, on page optimisation and off page optimisation…etc.

Targeted email marketing is a type of email marketing that lets you reach only specific types of people. It helps you reach the target audience and to send your solo ads to them. Targeted email marketing is a very valuable marketing strategy that helps you get a good service at affordable prices. Our targeted email marketing services are not expensive and have great results for the success of your business.

Targeted email marketing

Targeted email marketing can be a much better success than doing ordinary email blasts to general recipients. If you do targeted email marketing campaigns you will get into contact with the right target audience and you get into contact with persons all over the globe that can become your clients. You will gain the attention of the potential clients and transform them in loyal clients if you are able to come with an appealing offer and if you have high quality products or services at affordable prices. The success of the targeted email marketing campaigns depends on the quality of the ads that you send to the target audience and you will get more revenues if you choose our services for targeted email marketing campaigns.

Targeted email marketing

Targeted email marketing

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We select carefully the right target audience from the large list of emails that we have and we put you into contact with the right target audience in order to help you improve the volume of the sales. The targeted email marketing campaigns have the purpose of getting you into contact with the target audience and to help you transform these potential clients in loyal clients for your business.

Targeted email marketing has a lot of benefits to offer to someone advertising the products and services of your company. Targeted email marketing campaigns can be used for a variety of products and services that are in various niches and you will get into contact with persons are interested in the type of products and services you are selling.

Targeted email marketing has the ability to yield you a lot of profits if you take advantage of the appealing lists of email we have. We can help you improve the volume of sales and the portfolio of clients if you decide to do targeted email marketing with us.

Doing targeted email marketing is a good idea if you have a creative ad or message that you want to send to a specific group of persons. You will also receive a complete report of the progress of the targeted email marketing campaign and the results that have been obtained for you. You will see the number of clicks you have obtained, the number of sales you have done due to the targeted email marketing campaign and you will know exactly what activities have been done for you. We generally over deliver the amount of clicks because we want to maintain our clients satisfied and to offer them more than what they have paid for.

We offer real time tracking of the email blast and we adapt the lists of email to your needs. We can help you with the design of the message you are going to send to the clients. We can come up with interesting and fresh ideas in order to help you attract the attention of the clients. We have interesting ideas and we know which the best content is in order to have a great impact on the recipients.

If you decide to use our services for targeted email marketing we are ready to help you with high responsive lists and fresh ads that can impress the recipients and make them wish to purchase your products or services. Try our targeted email marketing campaigns and you will not be disappointed.

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